Online Course | Module 3 | 2.2 Dr. Concetta DeCaria - Guide to Getting an ADHD Diagnosis & Why It's Important - How is an ADHD Diagnosis Generated? Consultations, Interviews, Observations, Tests, and Scales

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Dr. Concetta DeCaria explains everything there is to know about diagnosing ADHD as well as any other comorbid conditions, how they come into play, and how the results of these tests help students get the support and accommodations they need.

Dr. Concetta DeCaria is a clinical neuropsychologist with a specialization in children and adolescents and has been in private practice since 1997.

She has provided academic and cognitive remediation, psychotherapeutic support, and evaluation services to hundreds of individuals with difficulties in learning, attention and regulation, behavior, social, and emotional functioning.

Her current practice focuses on diagnostic consultations and neuropsychological, psycho-educational, and psychological evaluation services.

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