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Revolutionize Education and Healthcare.
For all.


Smart Course is more than a company. We're an idea, a statement, and a mission. Our success affects how the world will be educated at scale. Struggling caregivers and the children of tomorrow are relying on us. Millions of people are taking a chance on themselves, but they can't do it alone; and neither can we.



  • 8 million kids in US with ADHD (200 Million people with intellectual disabilities globally)

  • ADHD correlates highly with other diagnoses e.g: depression, anxiety, SPD, ODD, etc.

  • About 2/3s of caregivers/parents struggle to help their child

  • 99% of general education teachers don’t know how to help

  • 50% of pediatricians fully admit to not knowing how to help kids with ADHD specifically


  • Divorce rates are twice as high for parents of kids with ADHD as for parents of neurotypical kids

  • Kids don’t get well educated, struggle with college and debt

  • Then struggle with getting and maintaining a job

  • Huge negative impact on our economy 

Do you deeply care about the problem we're solving?

Can you solve complex problems with elegant scalable solutions our customers and team will rave about?

Can you do it under pressure and thrive in a fast-paced and unpredictable environment?

Can you hustle?

Do you consistently strive for self-improvement? Can you self-reflect when you receive negative or constructive feedback and then adapt?


You want to hone your creative media skills, UI/UX design, or full stack web development skills and see how they perform in a business context

You want to collect data from parents, practice data analysis skills, and present findings in relevant settings

You’re interested in entrepreneurship, startups, and/or technology and want to put your interests to good use

You are looking to start your own company, dive into entrepreneurship, or want a fast-tracked career towards an executive position (e.g. technical co-founder CTO/CPO or COO/CFO)

You want to meet and network with leading professionals in the field (educational psychologists, clinical psychologists, educational specialists, etc.)

You want high-impact work experience to help you grow quickly with leadership development and career support from our serial entrepreneur founder who built and helped build over a dozen 6-figure businesses, one of which was another startup with over $2 million of funding commitment, and all of them launched within less than 1 year

You want to bring your interests in child development, research, education, or clinical work into a more applied setting and translate it into actions that are directly relevant to families

You want to get involved in the Education Technology and/or Healthcare Technology / MedTech spaces which are growing exponentially, especially for students with special needs

You want to be part of a fast-paced environment where goals are measurable and achievable. You want to see the success of your hard work.


We are hiring all throughout our accelerated forbes-featured EdTech, HealthTech, & Social Impact Startup. View available positions here.