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Smart Course is more than a company. We're an idea, a statement, and a mission. Our success affects the global education and healthcare systems at scale. Struggling caregivers and the children of tomorrow are relying on us. Millions of people are taking a chance on themselves, but they can't do it alone; and neither can we.

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Join Our 5x Accelerated Forbes-Featured EdTech, HealthTech & Social Impact Startup.

Joining now is a very unique opportunity for accelerated growth in your career, because if you join us on the ground floor, and you’re interested in sticking around for the long-term, you can earn equity in our company.


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We use the same Growth Methodologies as Multi-Billion Dollar Startups like AirBnB, Reddit, DropBox and DoorDash.
Working at our 5-time accelerated startup that follows Y Combinator’s best practices, means you will have the unique opportunity to be on the cutting edge of your field and the skills you learn.

Work From Anywhere

As a remote-first company, with a globally distributed team, we cherish our freedom to move around! You'll have the flexibility to spend time with the people who are most important to you.

Career Growth & Entrepreneurship

Get a fast-tracked career towards an executive position (e.g. technical co-founder CTO/CPO or COO/CFO) and/or learn about how to validate, build, launch, and grow your own business.

Learn from the best

As a team member, you'll have access to world-class online courses (that would normally cost you over $2500 on average) and resources to hone your skills in: digital marketing, copywriting, sales, engineering, creative media, design, research, and operations.

Education & Mental  Health Technology

Bring your interests in child development, mental health, research, education, healthcare, or clinical work into a more applied setting and translate it into actions that are directly relevant to families.


You want to collect data from people struggling with mental health, parents, educators, or health professionals, practice data analysis skills, and present findings in relevant settings. This is especially useful for aspiring Ph.D. candidates.


Learn how to run operations at a 5x accelerated hyper-growth tech startup. Learn our proprietary cutting-edge agile methodology strategies to prioritize work effectively for yourself, for our team, and for any other team you work with.

UI/UX, Product Management,  & Full stack web Development

Learn our proprietary user interface (UI), user experience (UX), product management, or full stack web development processes.  See how they perform in a business context and make designs that get results.

Creative Media & Design

Hone your creative media skills, animation, graphic, and adaptive user interface design. Learn how to make engaging content tailored to target users that gets conversions.

Meet Industry Experts

You want to meet and network with leading professionals in the fields of mental health, parenting, special needs, education and healthcare, tech startups, business advisors, mentors, etc.


Smart Course Focuses on Social Impact.

Smart Course brings your interests in child development, research, education, entrepreneurship, design, mental health, or clinical work into a more applied setting and translates them into actions that are directly relevant to and impactful for families.



You always think about and act on what is best for our users, our company, and your team members within it. You're a giver and you care about and prioritize the needs of others that depend on you.


Fearlessness & Adaptability

You are adaptable in any circumstance, run towards your pain, challenges, and fears so that you can reflect on them and progress as quickly as possible. Doing anything new, intimidating, or uncomfortable is what drives you and you thrive on charging towards these challenges.



You are tireless when it comes to reaching your goals and achieving success for us and yourself. Giving up isn’t a part of your vocabulary and pushing passed your preconceived limitations excites you.

People working together as a team
People Over Product

Work has more meaning when team members get to know each other and our users as human beings. The closer we are to them, the better we can serve their unique needs.

Be Open to Teach & Learn

Our team works to solve puzzles, identify challenges, and clearly communicate paths to finding solutions. This process requires selflessness, fearlessness, adaptability, and perseverance.

A woman and a man collaborating
Work Culture

Meaningful Work & Meaningful Relationships

We like to work hard towards our ambitious goals while having fun and building bonds with each other.

People having fun

Happy Hour

Happy Hour every Wednesday to unwind and get to know your team members.

A team playing together

Team Building

Weekly social time in our virtual headquarters where we gather and play team-building games or chat and chill together.

A team hanging out

Lunch & Learn

Get customized mentorship, career advice, or networking opportunities with our Founder or mentor network.

A man and a woman creating

Freedom Fridays

Work on whatever projects you want, or compete to win a small prize the following Monday.

Adrien Harrison

Work Directly with Our Founder & CEO

Adrien Harrison's headshot

Forbes-featured serial entrepreneur, speaker, and advisor. Specialized in Tech Startups, EdTech, HealthTech, Social Impact, Business Development & Marketing for Startups & SMEs

About Adrien

Serial entrepreneur that launched and helped launch over a dozen 6-7 figure businesses
Director of global pre-accelerator: FoundersBoost
Entrepreneur in Residence @ StartEd (world's largest EdTech accelerator)
Entrepreneurship mentor on Polygence and Gura (so you can learn from him 🤓)
Advisor to dozens of high-growth venture-backed startups

More about Adrien

Became an ice cream aficionado at age 3 (still going strong)
Built a LEGO replica of the Great Wall of China at age 5 (likely his greatest accomplishment)
1st place in triathlon after 3 weeks of survival camp at age 13 (he was a weird teenager...)
Summited Mt. Kilimanjaro at age 15 (actually pretty sweet)
Dropped out of college at age 20 (education needs some work, that's why we're working on it!)
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Fill out and submit your application using the links above.

Please read and follow the instructions carefully. We recommend writing your application in a separate document and then copy/pasting it into our form.


We'll review your application and then schedule an interview.

If your written application proves you'd be a good fit for the job, we'll send you an NDA to complete and sign. Once we receive it, we'll invite you to schedule your interview with us.


Accept the position and start your onboarding.

After your interview, we'll deliberate and call you with our decision. If you accept our offer, we'll get you started on your onboarding process!

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Join Our 5x Accelerated Forbes-Featured EdTech, HealthTech & Social Impact Startup, Help Us Change The World.

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We’re recruiting mental health professionals, RBTs, therapists, psychologists, tutors, ADHD coaches, and many other roles.

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