Smart Course is a startup that offers engaging online courses and consulting catered to the disability space.

WHAt We Do

We use smart adaptable online courses to teach parents the most effective way of handling all aspects of their differently-abled child’s education.

This way, both parents and children have access to equal opportunity and can lead successful lives.

We ensure this using our adaptable, data-driven system. Through the Smart Course System, parents can get a tailored approach based on their personalities and learning styles, have access to industry experts and thought leaders, and even get 1-on-1 coaching to provide customized solutions that walk them through their fears and problems.

 How We Do It

We empower parents with the tools they need to help their kids create their own success.


By leveraging technology and taking a targeted, adaptable approach, we provide parents with the most effective methods of educating themselves on how to best help their kids get the best education possible.

Why We Do IT

We are big-dreaming revolutionaries that believe in two things: equal opportunity and freedom.


Everyone should have the right to build a life they enjoy for themselves and for the people they care about.

The problem is, education today is fundamentally broken, especially for kids with learning disabilities. Most schools don't even listen to their students' needs, so they'll never graduate with the marketable skills they need to build their own success.

Parents are left to deal with educating their kids however they can, and most of the time that simply isn't enough.


Unfortunately, the average online education course has less than a 10% completion rate, so even if parents try to educate themselves in order to help their kids, they fail.