Jodi Klugman-Rabb, LMFT – The Highly Sensitive Person: What To Do With Rejection Sensitivity Dysphoria

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Jodi is well known for incorporating EMDR into her therapy, which changes the way we experience the emotional components of traumas by using bilateral stimulation; asking the two hemispheres of the brain to process information that has been isolated.

In this talk she will share with us the strategies and she has used to help countless patients with ADHD diagnose, treat and overcome mood disorders.

Something that really stood out to me is that Jodi not only a specialist in ADHD, but she walks the talk: she is a mom of two teens with ADHD and wife to a husband with ADHD. It is quite clear to me that she understands firsthand the struggles and the triumphs that come with ADHD.

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Rejection sensitivity dysphoria, and the concept of a “highly sensitive person”, are gaining momentum in the field of psychology and that’s owed largely to the impact they have made on the population affected by ADHD.

This presentation examines the influence of rejection in sensitivity dysphoria and in highly sensitive persons with ADHD.

Mood issues like depression and anxiety are exceedingly correlated to the highly sensitive person, therefore, requiring direct clinical treatment.

The goal of this workshop is to help parents and other caregivers recognize mood issues, like depression and anxiety, as well as to teach them about the clinical treatments available and other daily life strategies to help reduce the emotional toll of these issues.

Jodi is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Professional Clinical Counselor, and PsyD candidate, with a private practice in California.

Jodi’s focus is on making strong connections with clients to facilitate changing unwanted patterns with adult ADHD, trauma using EMDR and a specialty she pioneered, Parental Identity Discovery™, spearheading the clinical approach to working misattributed parentage (MPE).

She is the founder of the Sex, Lies & The Truth podcast, an interview style show dedicated to the stories of people discovering DNA revelations and coming to terms with the identity confusion and family dynamics that define the experience.

She also publishes the blog Finding Family on Psychology Today.

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