Dr. Sarah Cheyette, MD – How to Give Your Kids a Positive Perception of Their ADHD and Have Them Want to Help Themselves

Dr. Cheyette is widely known for her comprehensive approach for ADHD treatment which incorporates behavioral and psychological strategies as well as thoroughly researched medication. 

She is going to share the same tips that she has learned during her many years in the medical world and in ADHD practice, to help you encourage and support your child with ADHD as well as help them change their destructive mindsets. 

One of the things that impressed me the most about Dr. Cheyette is her positivity, which translates into her very own, very positive approach to ADHD. 

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In this interview, we’re speaking with Dr. Sarah Cheyette to give parents the tools to help their child with ADHD change and their mindset so that they are compelled to take action on winning, so that they can see a way of improving and want to do so, and so they can keep going even when things get tough.

Sarah Cheyette is a pediatric neurologist—a doctor who specializes in brains. She loves treating ADHD patients because it is so rewarding to make interventions that can change a trajectory toward success. She brings a powerful professional perspective on the benefits and limitations of ADHD medication, and the many behavioral adaptations people with ADHD must embrace to thrive with their condition.

She developed techniques for changing mindset and behavior in ADHD involving simple, powerful concepts based on the athletic mindset and training. Just as athletes improve their athletic skills through proper coaching and training, parents can learn similar techniques to help “coach” their children through challenges.

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