Dr. Lori Desautels – Connections Over Compliance: The Adolescent Brain and Trauma

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Dr. Desautels is most known for her Applied Educational Neuroscience work all over the world. 

Today she’ll be sharing the same strategies she has used with thousands of families and students to help them better understand how adolescent brain and body development affect behavior.

Something about Dr. Desautels that impressed me is the certificate for Applied Educational Neuroscience she created because, as per the description, “it is specifically designed to meet the needs of educators, counselors, and administrators who work beside children and adolescents who have, and are, experiencing adversity and trauma.”

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Dr. Desautels will explore brain development and how the impact of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and adversity affects learning, emotional regulation, and behaviors with our youth. We will also explore the regulatory and connection practices that begin to build resiliency in the adolescent years.

The developing brains and bodies of our children and youth need to feel safe and to feel "felt" by others to experience social, emotional, physiological, and cognitive well-being.

Developing brain and our stress response systems leading to behaviors that may look disruptive, aggressive, shut down, or disrespectful. Children and youth that carry in chronic behavioral challenges are often met with reactive and punitive practices that can potentially re- traumatize and reactivate the developing stress response systems.

Connections Over Compliance deeply addresses the need for co-regulatory and relational touch point practices shifting student-focused behavior management protocols to adult regulated brain and body states which are brain aligned, preventive, and relational discipline protocols.

This new lens for discipline benefits all students by reaching for sustainable behavioral changes through brain state awareness rather than compliance and obedience.

Dr. Desautels is a teacher, counselor, and now Assistant Professor at Butler University where she created a certificate for Applied Educational Neuroscience and leads a yearly Educational Neuroscience Symposium. She is also the author of 5 books.

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