Dr. Claudia Rinaldi, Ph.D. – Navigating and Advocating for Effective Special Education Services: A Primer for Parents Partnering with Schools

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Dr. Claudia Rinaldi is most known for her work on comprehensive school reform using Response to Intervention, Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports, and Multi-Tier System of Support.

She is going to share with you how to use the data from MTSS to assess special needs and help families getting the right resources and proper interventions, the strategies she has also shared with hundreds of educators.

What impressed me the most about Claudia was the great amount of knowledge she has about the special education system and various intervention frameworks that schools and parents can use to support kids with learning disabilities. 

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Dr. Claudia’s presentation will provide parents with guidance on how to partner with special education IEP teams to advocate for their children's educational rights.

She will explain the benefits of asking about the school's use of a Multi-tiered System of Support (MTSS) framework and how it integrates with special education services.

The session will also highlight an effective special education referral process, including an ecological assessment practice, interpretation of tests, connecting the results to instructional planning, and advocating for adaptation, accommodations, and assistive technology.

We will discuss how different types of assessments work to inform instructional planning. Parents will be provided with sample questions for the eligibility and the IEP team to ensure that the instructional decision matches the student's current level of performance.

Claudia Rinaldi, Ph.D.,  is the Lasell University Chair of the Joan Weiler Arnow '49 Professor of Education, a three-year endowed position awarded for excellence in teaching and community impact.

Her areas of research are the implementation of the Multi-Tier System of Supports (MTSS) framework in urban settings with English learners, teacher education in bilingual special education, and diversifying the teacher pipeline.

Claudia has authored peer-reviewed publications and a book for educators called, Practical Ways to Engage All Struggling Readers. She serves on various boards, and in the International Council for Exceptional Children Board of Directors, leading the conference for two years as chair of the conference program that hosts over 5,000 teachers, faculty, and researchers.

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