Dr. Arlyn Roffman – Preparing High Schoolers with ADHD for the Transition to Life After High School

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Dr. Roffman is best known for pioneering program development for young adults with LD/ADHD, particularly her visionary work as founding director of Threshold at Lesley University.

These are the same strategies she’s used as the focus of her academic career and private practice in psychology with adults with LD and ADHD.

Something about Dr. Roffman that really impressed me is her work with the Threshold Program since, as mentioned before, it’s the first of its kind and still going strong.

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We know that the symptoms of ADHD often present real challenges to academic life through elementary and secondary school.

We also know that in a variety of ways those symptoms spill into life outside the classroom, a fact that grows more significant as youth work their way through high school and get ready to move on to their next steps within the community, at work and/or in post-secondary learning.

This session focuses on how parents and other caregivers can foster the development of both self-awareness and skills that will help their children or students with ADHD meet with success as they venture beyond their high school years.

Viewers will learn practical strategies that they can begin to use right away.

Dr. Roffman is a licensed psychologist and Professor Emerita after a decades-long career at Lesley University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She served as the founding director of Lesley’s Threshold Program, the first comprehensive university-based non-degree transition program for young adults with disabilities in the US. She is extremely proud that the program is nearly 40 years old and thriving.

Dr. Roffman has served on many national boards related to LD and ADHD and has presented and written extensively throughout the US and abroad.

Her most recent book is Guiding Teens with Learning Disabilities: Navigating the Transition from High School to Adulthood (Princeton Review/Random House, 2007).

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