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inclusive DIVERSE workplace program

Make Workplaces More Inclusive & Diverse

Help employees manage their mental health, increase their
focus, productivity, and loyalty.

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why This Matters

US businesses lose up to $1 trillion yearly as a result of workplace stress (WHO).


of employees in a workplace suffer from work-related stress.


of a worker’s annual salary is spent by companies to cover lost productivity or to replace workers.


of parents of children with special needs struggle to help their child which affects their productivity at work.

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The solution

Our Inclusive Diverse Workplace Program decreases stress by over 85%, and increases productivity by over 50%

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We are on a mission to: Support workplaces in applying Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) strategies to make the most of each employee and their unique profile.

We do this by: Bringing together experts in Psychology, Cognitive Neuroscience and Special Needs to teach your employees how to increase their productivity in their day-to-day work using cutting-edge evidence-based techniques. This training has been proven to have long-lasting effects in employees’ behaviour, but also in companies´ revenue.

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Praise From Experts, Parents, Educators & Health Professionals

world-leading Instructors

Smart Course Is Backed By Leading Experts & Physicians In Both Adult And Pediatric Mental Healthcare

Dr. Donald D. Deshler, Ph.D

Williamson Family Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Special Education as well as the founder and former Director of the Center for Research on Learning at the University of Kansas.

Jodi Klugman-Rabb, LMFT

A licensed marriage and family therapist in Marin and Napa counties and throughout California via secure teletherapy.

Dr. Sarah Wayland, Ph.D.

Dr. Wayland has a PhD in Cognitive Psychology and is a Certified RDI (Relationship Development Intervention) consultant, and a Special Needs Care Navigator. She has been deeply involved with disability support organizations including The Arc, the Parents Place of Maryland, the Special Education Citizens’ Advisory Committee in both Prince George’s County and in the State of Maryland.

Cindy Goldrich, EdM

Founder of PTS Coaching and Training. As a mental health counselor and a board-certified ADHD coach, she provides education, coaching, and support for parents, educators, and mental health professionals to help children with ADHD and executive function deficits find success.

Janette Patterson

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT), 30 years of experience offering individual, couple, and family therapy in nonprofit agencies and private practice. She specializes in LD/ED and ADHD issues in children and adults.

Elizabeth Sautter

Founder of Make Social Learning Stick, co-owner of Communication Works, co-author of two popular children's books "Whole Body Listening Larry at Home" and "Whole Body Listening Larry at School", and is a collaborative trainer for Zones of Regulation. Her son Julian Sautter Savala is a current high-school student with ADHD.

Dr. Randy Kulman, Ph.D.

Dr. Randy Kulman, Ph.D. is the founder of LearningWorks for Kids (, an educational technology company that specializes in using video games to teach executive-functioning and academic skills.

He conducts neuropsychological evaluations of children with executive functioning and attention difficulties at South County Child and Family Consultants. His passion is leveraging children’s play for learning. His latest project is LW4K LIVE, which is a live, online, small-group executive function tutoring program that uses games such as Minecraft, Roblox, and Pokemon to practice and improve executive functions in school settings, online learning platforms, and extended day programs.

Learning works for Kids is also providing independent self-directed classes and individualized executive functioning coaching, focusing on the use of technology to support and improve executive functioning skills.

Additionally, Dr. Kulman is the author of numerous essays and book chapters on the use of digital technologies for improving executive-functioning skills in children and in finding a balance in children's use of digital media with other forms a play, construct he refers to as a “Play Diet”.

His current research projects include the development of a parent and teacher scale for assessing executive-functioning skills in children and a large survey study examining how children with ADHD and Autism use popular video games and apps. He is an advisor and occasional writer for Psychology Today, ADDitude Magazine, Autism Parenting Magazine, and He is the author of three books; Train Your Brain for Success: A Teenager’s Guide to Executive Functions, Playing Smarter in a Digital World, and the recently published, The Gaming Overload Workbook for Teens.

Dr. Arlyn Roffman

A licensed psychologist and Professor Emerita. She served as the founding director of Lesley’s Threshold Program, the first comprehensive university-based non-degree transition program for young adults with disabilities in the US, and has served on many national boards related to Learning Differences and ADHD.


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