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US businesses lose up to $1 trillion yearly as a result of workplace stress (WHO).


of employees in a workplace suffer from work-related stress.


of a worker’s annual salary is spent by companies to cover lost productivity or to replace workers.


of parents of children with special needs struggle to help their child which dramatically affects their productivity at work.

The solution

Every dollar spent on decreasing employee stress equals $4 in bottom line revenue

People are working at Inclusive Diverse workplace

We are on a mission to: Support workplaces in applying Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) strategies to make the most of each employee and their unique profile.

We do this by: Bringing together experts in Psychology, Cognitive Neuroscience and Special Needs to teach your employees how to increase their productivity in their day-to-day work using cutting-edge evidence-based techniques. This training has been proven to have long-lasting effects in employees’ behaviour, but also in companies´ revenue.

Our Inclusive Diverse Workplace Program decreases stress by over 85%, and increases productivity by over 50%

a list of Included tools and services (Plus, as we add more, you'll continue to have access)


You know you need to help yourself or the kids you help throughout their lives but do you have the RIGHT tools and resources to get started?

I partnered up with some of my favorite companies and experts, and they decided to offer people who upgrade to the ADHD Summit special deals & discounts you can’t find anywhere else.


Care Coordinator

A dedicated Care Coordinator to guide you through everything and ensure you’re getting the help you need.

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Online courses

You'll get access to our growing library with 14+ hours of video lessons that will walk you through the pitfalls of coping with ADHD.

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ADHD Professional Matching service

Get matched with vetted professionals to meet your needs (for example: psychiatrists, psychologists, behavioral therapists, ADHD coaches, tutors, and more). You can tell us your goals and we’ll match you with a professional best suited to support you, and, if you don't like them, you can get matched with someone new every 2 months.

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live Q&A Panels with ADHD Experts:

Watch masterclasses on coping with ADHD from experts such as Dr. Alan Graham, Melissa Orlov, Dr. George McCloskey, Dr. Susan Baum, and Dr. William Dodson. Access them anywhere and work through step-by-step strategies and worksheets at your own pace to help yourself or children with ADHD.

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You will learn from world-class ADHD experts, including:

Over 65 ADHD experts, including Dr. Edward (Ned) Hallowell, Dr. Peg Dawson, Dr. Ross Greene, Dr. George McCloskey, Dr. William (Bill) Dodson, and Dr. Roberto Olivardia, who have unique qualifications in authorship, speaking, clinical psychology, and consultation services.

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Learn about executive functions, relationships, productivity, parenting, student success, educator success, coping with ADHD and comorbidities, and medications/alternative treatments.

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Action Guides

These worksheets and handouts are super short and super effective. They're designed to make it easy for you to take action and benefit from what you've learned to improve your life.

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Audio versions of the Masterclasses and Online Course Lessons are available for on-the-go listening anytime, anywhere.

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Unlike traditional support groups that may lack experts and focus mainly on venting, Smart Course offers a support group that provides solutions to members' problems. By joining, members can interact with ADHD experts and peers with similar experiences and goals.

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Perks AND Deals

ADHD expert Workshops and LIVE Q&A :

1. Learn calmness and connectivity with Cindy Goldrich
2. Parenting workshop with Andrea Elrom
3. ADHD Marriage workshop with Melissa Orlov
4. Live Q&A with Dr. Anna Vagin
5. Live Q&A with Mr. Daniel Kramarsky

ADHD Parent Manual

The ADHD Parent Manual provides step-by-step operating instructions to become the calm and confident parent you want to be while raising kids with complexities. In this 25 minute video you’ll learn a simple Parent Management system, a clear process to tackle any challenging situation — one issue at a time.

Sanity School ® For Parents

Sanity School® is an on-demand 6 module training program that has been designed to radically improve the lives of parents dealing with children with ADHD and related challenges. With our reality based training and coaching, parents coping with complex kids become happier, more confident and successful.

Six Super Skills for Parenting to Build
Executive Functioning

Taught by Dr. Lara Honos-Webb, Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist and author specializing in ADD and ADHD. Learn how to help your child develop organization skills, attention skills, planning skills, mood management skills, and more. Learn how ADD can be a strength, not a weakness to be ashamed of.

Home Study Seminar

Understand your child on a deeper level. What Your Child With ADHD Wishes You Knew and How You Can Help - The seminar includes: 4 sessions of recorded webinar lectures, podcast-style audio versions of webinar lectures, live sessions’ Q&As, presentation materials, homework assignments, and readings. Bonus: podcast with Dr. Saline featuring even more content.

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Praise From Experts & Health Professionals

world-leading Instructors

Smart Course Is Backed by Leading Experts and Health Professionals in Mental Health

Dulce Torres, ACC

Dulce is a Licensed Mental Health Professional and a certified ADHD Coach specializing in ADHD, anxiety, and depression. She's the founder of Avant-Garde Center and ADHD Coaching & Training since 2011.

Dr. Ellen B. Littman, Psy.D.

Licensed clinical psychologist. A pioneer in the identification of gender differences in ADHD. Co-author of the book Understanding Girls with ADHD and contributing author of other numerous books.

Janette Patterson

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT), 30 years of experience offering individual, couple, and family therapy in nonprofit agencies and private practice. She specializes in LD/ED and ADHD issues in children and adults.

Dr. Lori Desautels, Ph.D.

Dr. Desautels is a teacher, counselor, and now Assistant Professor at Butler University where she created a certificate for Applied Educational Neuroscience and leads a yearly Educational Neuroscience Symposium. She is also the author of 5 books.

Dr. William Stixrud, Ph.D.

Ph.D., a clinical neuropsychologist and the co-author (with Ned Johnson) of the best-selling book, "The Self-Driven Child: The Science and Sense of Giving Your Kids More Control Over Their Lives". He is also a member of the Adjunct Faculty of Children’s National Medical Center, as well as an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Pediatrics at the George Washington University School of Medicine.

Caroline Maguire, ACCG, PCC, M.Ed.

Personal coach who works with children who struggle socially and the families who support them and the founder of a new training curriculum at the ADD Coaching Academy.

Dr. J. Russell Ramsay

Co-founder and co-director of the University of Pennsylvania’s Adult ADHD Treatment and Research Program and an associate professor of clinical psychology in the department of psychiatry in the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania.

Dr. Varleisha Gibbs, Ph.D., OTD

Vice President of Practice Engagement and Capacity Building at the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA), founder of a private therapy firm, and associate professor,


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