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Save 15% | $444 for your 1st year, then $297 per year 

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Expert Help At Your Fingertips:

Have questions? Join us, watch our speaker's present LIVE, and ask any question you have during the live Q&A. 

($1400 value)

Online Course Library: You’ll get access to our growing library with 14+ hours of video lessons that will walk you through the pitfalls of coping with ADHD.

($3,000 value)

You’ll get access to our growing library of 60-masterclasses covering everything across the ADHD lifespan.

($1400 value)

These worksheets and handouts will make it easy for you to apply what you've learned from each Masterclass to your own life. 

($597 value)

Also included:

Perks & Deals: Exclusive discounts from our speakers and partners on their content for ADHD for parents,

($3097 value)


Audio Lessons: Audio versions of Masterclasses and Online Course Lessons are available for on-the-go listening. 

($1097 value)


Expert Moderated Peer-Support Group: You'll get support from experts and other caregivers just like you in an expert moderated forum.

($597 value)

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Smart Course strives to democratize access to the world's leading experts, at a fraction of the cost.

On average, our ADHD Experts charge between $300 - $1000 per hour! We're giving you access to ALL of them, for less than $1 per day.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Masterclass? 

Our Masterclasses are videos presented by our world-leading experts. Our classes are categorized into 5 broad topic areas. 

  1. Parenting & Executive Functions

  2. Academics, Accommodations, and Homework

  3. Relationships: Family, Marriage, Siblings, and with the School

  4. The Tougher Side of ADHD, Fears, comorbidities, and the ADHD Brain

  5. Medications, Alternative Treatments, and the ADHD Brain

With our growing library of 60+ Masterclasses, you'll always have access to the latest information and strategies for your child. 

How do the Monthly Live Masterclasses & Q&As work?

We host a LIVE Masterclass with Q&A with an ADHD Expert every month. Each expert will present their Masterclass for 1h-2h, and you'll be able to submit your questions during the event to be answered by the expert after they've finished presenting.

Our Masterclasses are hosted by Adrien Harrison our CEO and a guest speaker who will present on a predetermined topic based on feedback we receive from you, our audience.


You'll be able to tune in live and watch the Masterclass, then, toward the end, there will be opportunities to answer your questions.

How can I get the most out of the Masterclasses? What are the Action Guides?

We've made it easy to act on what you've learned in the Masterclasses with our Action Guides.


These worksheets and handouts are designed to help you take the key steps and strategies to start applying each lesson to your life immediately. 

Wait...what's the difference between your online course library and your masterclasses?

We're glad you asked. We know they sound similar but here's the main difference.


Our online video courses are more in-depth walkthroughs of the most common pitfalls caused by ADHD and are designed to guide you through every step of the way in a particular topic.


The masterclasses are not as in-depth, but they cover more topics. You can think of them as a lecture on a topic with resources to help you take action on what your learned. 

I'm not sure if I'll have time to watch all of your videos, are there audio versions or any other way to absorb the Masterclasses?

Of course, there is! We've created audio recordings of every Masterclass and Online Course, so you can listen to them on the go.

Also, the Action Guides can be used independently of the Masterclass as a brief summary of the key points.

What comes with the Perks and Deals? 

Access to our growing list of exclusive discounts offered by our ADHD Expert speakers and our ADHD Partners on their best ADHD resources.


You'll find in these discount offerings for parenting workshops, Live Q&As, ADHD marriage workshops, and more. We've included these discounts because they complement Smart Course well and will help you continue to foster your child's growth. 

How does your Expert-Moderated Peer-Support Group work? 

After making your purchase you'll receive an invite to our private group.


Our group is moderated and hosted by our team and some of our experts so you won't have to worry about misinformation being spread or bad behavior.


It's a safe place for you to discuss your struggles with other caregivers and to receive feedback on strategies for dealing with specific problems.

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