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This short preview cannot possibly address all concerns about the topics covered in our course on parenting and educating your child with ADHD as they transition to middle school.

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6.1 million kids have ADHD. This affects every part of their, and their families’ lives and makes the schooling process much more difficult than it already is.

Most families don’t have the resources or the help they need to go through this process...but it doesn’t have to be this difficult.

We create online courses catered to the differently-abled space.

Our first course will be for parents of kids with ADHD that are transitioning into middle school. It will be taught by an ADHD expert and school administrator with over 30 years of experience handling his own adhd, that of his daughter (who’s now a successful college student), and the thousands of kids he’s educated over the years.

Our course will also be composed of ADHD experts like educational administrators, psychiatrists, occupational therapists, ADHD coaches, and more.

They’ve all joined to help families with ADHD-diagnosed children transition into middle school.

We’ll be sharing expert-curated ADHD resources on parenting, education, and treatment here about once a week.

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understand why Middle School is so challenging for ADHD students​

And get introduced to ADHD support groups and resources that will help you meet your child’s needs at school and at home

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Thank you for being here! Let’s help kids with ADHD get a better education everywhere!