Living With and Treating ADHD - Natural Remedies

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

In the first video of our latest series "Living With and Treating ADHD - Natural Remedies", we're referring to solutions for treating these core ADHD symptoms that don’t involve medication, especially the stimulant medications that are often treated as the only option.

We’ll be covering ways to reduce ADHD symptoms including exercise, “green time”, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), behavioral parent training (BPT), brain training and neurofeedback training programs, and more.

These resources, tools and strategies are recommended by leading experts in the ADHD field and have been used by thousands of families to help aid both parents and kids living with ADHD. These tips can prove key to your child's adjustment to a new academic, social, and emotional period in their lives. My team and I have researched extensively to provide parents, teachers, caregivers, and families some extra help during social distancing and the coronavirus pandemic, and today, we’ll be covering ways to improve the effectiveness of treatment and quality of life for kids with ADHD.

This video is specifically covers a few of the more commonly used and accepted natural remedies for children with ADHD.

Today we’re going to:

- Address the core ADHD symptoms and “traditional" ADHD treatments and therapies

- Provide tips that you need to know before you try any natural remedies

- Provide an overview of widely accepted and alternative treatments for ADHD and other disorders

- Introduce both research-supported and non-research-supported natural remedies

- Cover the outcome of a 14-month randomized clinical trial from an MTA Cooperative

Group study

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