ADHD & Social Skills - Social Anxiety

In this video, we’ll be providing some understanding of social development in children with ADHD, and discussing important strategies on how to meet your child's needs during the transition to a new middle school environment.

These resources, tools and strategies are recommended by leading experts in the ADHD field and have been used by thousands of families to help aid both parents and kids living with ADHD. These tips can prove key to your child's adjustment to a new academic, social, and emotional period in their lives.

My team and I have researched extensively to provide parents, teachers, caregivers, and families some extra help during social distancing and the coronavirus pandemic, and today, we’ll be covering ways that ADHD can affect your preteen, and sharing advice on tackling social anxiety for your preteen with ADHD during those crucial transitional years .

This video is specifically about how ADHD can often come with social anxiety, and how you can help your child to overcome such challenges as:

- Adjusting to a new middle school environment

- Making friends in new social situations

- Struggling to connect with other students

- Learning to function independently outside of the home

-Suffering from physical symptoms of social anxiety

- Building and keeping successful relationships with parents and friends

- Facing their unique fears and anxieties in the real world

We'll also be covering how communication and behavior look different for a child with ADHD, as well as how to understand your child and help them successfully adjust to middle school by understanding and implementing:

- The definition and prevalence of Social Anxiety Disorder

-Accepting failures and mistakes

- Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

-The different presentations of social anxiety disorder

- The possibility of medication

- Practicing social interactions

-The complicated yet common overlap of ADHD and social anxiety

- Finding new activities and ways to help your child stay present

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