ADHD & Other Disorders - Emotions and Mood

In this video, we are going to talk about ADHD symptoms related to mood and emotions, particularly mood swings, as well as emotional hypersensitivity and dysregulation, and discussing effective strategies on how to deal with your child’s emotional needs during the transition to a new middle school environment.

These resources, tools and strategies are recommended by leading experts in the ADHD field and have been used by thousands of families to help aid both parents and kids living with ADHD. These tips can prove key to your child's adjustment to a new academic, social, and emotional period in their lives.

My team and I have researched extensively to provide parents, teachers, caregivers, and families some extra help during social distancing and the coronavirus pandemic, and today, we’ll be covering ways that ADHD emotional symptoms can affect your preteen, and sharing advice on tackling these problems.

This video is specifically about mood swings and emotional dysregulation in children with ADHD, and today, we’re going to: - Introduce ADHD symptoms related to mood and emotion - Talk about ADHD mood swings and how they could indicate an overlapping disorder - Talk about emotional hypersensitivity and dysregulation in kids with ADHD - Provide strategies we recommend for parents and for kids to use themselves

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