Adrien Harrison – ADHD in Middle School Summit Kick-Off Party: How the AIMS Summit Will Help You Thrive Through the Middle School Years, Both At School and At Home (+ a surprise offer at the end!)

The AIMS Summit Kicked-Off on August 23. 

It is now over, BUT you can still watch the recording!

The LIVE stream and Fast-Action Bonus have now expired, BUT you can still get the ADHD in Middle School Online Course at for a One-Time Early-Bird Price!


Adrien Harrison | Founder of - Online courses for parents of kids who learn differently.

Adrien will introduce the ADHD in Middle School Summit, and run through what you will be learning throughout the summit.

Comment Below Answering These 3 Questions:

1) What’s your name, where are you from & why are you excited about the ADHD in Middle School Summit?

2) What’s your #1 question or struggle when it comes to coping with ADHD during the middle school years?

3) If you could have access to whatever you wanted, how would you best help yourself and your family through the middle school years? The more specific, the better!

And if you have any questions for us to address for the Summit's LIVE Q&A on September 16th with Adrien Harrison post those below as well. Thanks!

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