Cody McLain – LIVE Masterclass and Q&A

This LIVE Masterclass and Q&A with Cody McLain was recorded on January 31st, 2022.  If you'd like your questions answered, join the ADHD Summit Plus Plan below and let us know your questions using the form below.

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Cody McLain |  Cody McLain’s unique foresight has led to his immense success as an entrepreneur. He saw opportunity in a specific area — existing tech startups — and had the 86th fasting growing company according to the 2019 Inc. 5000 list, and was ranked the fastest growing outsourcing company in the US. The company employed over 1,000 employees with offices in Austin and the Philippines. Cody has since sold the majority of his stake and currently is the host of the Podcast, is the author of the book “From Foster Care to Millionaire,” and is working on building a start-up studio. He lives in Austin, TX.

We cover:

- How can one with ADHD be more successful at what they want to do?
- And how important it is to have systems in place to keep you at your most productive?
- Emotional Regulation & Awareness in a professional setting
- The Getting Things Done framework (GTD), and what makes it effective
- Reverse Meditation
- Not-todo-lists and Fun Todo-lists
- Foundational Habits
- Benefits of Self-talk, Emotion Visualization, Interoception
- Recognizing Burnout
- Having a morning/evening routine.
- Creating designated areas and kits for certain tasks (like email, keys, etc.)

We also discuss certain systems that Cody himself has used that you can implement in your everyday life that will keep you on track to reach your goals.

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