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  • 64% of parents say that their child’s school doesn’t provide information on learning disabilities.

  • 66% of parents of children with learning disabilities are struggling with or conflicted about their ability to help their child.

Discover step-by-step how to help your child thrive through middle school both academically and at home (even if you're starting from scratch).



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Great question, and I’m glad you asked.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll discover by joining the free ADHD in Middle School Summit:

  • A behind the scenes look at how Dr. Edward (Ned) Hallowell presents  the concept of VAST, a positive alternative to ADHD 

  • The exact in-depth strategies legendary coach, Dr. Peg Dawson, uses to address the 12 most prevalent executive function deficits

  • How to positively parent consistently using Dr. Sharon Saline's 5Cs of Parenting

  • Why Leslie Josel's Personal Homework Profile tool has such amazing results for thousands of middle schoolers with ADHD

  • The best tools and resources to get the best accommodations, IEP, or 504 plan in place for your child

  • Exactly how to address the 10 biggest and most common fears parents have for their children with ADHD using tried and true strategies

  • The 5 most essential lessons for parents to keep in mind as taught by Elaine Taylor-Klaus & Diane Dempster of

  • Why Melissa Orlov's approach to marriage and family relationships counseling has saved thousands of families from divorce

  • A behind the scenes look at how Dr. Concetta DeCaria, legendary clinical neuropsychologist, diagnoses ADHD and accompanying disorders so that you can advocate for your child with hard data

  • How Dr. Alan Graham builds resilience in kids with ADHD so they can stand on their own and be more independent 

The conversations are both practical and socially/emotionally impactful... This one's worth catching, for sure!

When you get the world’s leading thought-leaders on kids, school and ADHD in one place, the results are magnifying. When you target the conversation on Middle Schoolers, the conversations are both practical and socially/emotionally impactful. And when you add in an excellent interviewer like Adrien Harrison, you have a recipe for a particularly excellent online summit. This one’s worth catching, for sure!

Elaine Taylor-Klaus  //  PCC & Co-Founder of

Parents are looking for REAL guidance, REAL strategies, and REAL answers. This summit provides that and more.

As an ADHD coach for students who also provides coaching for parents, I hear all day long how frustrated and confused parents are when it comes to navigating the middle school years with children with ADHD. They are looking for REAL guidance, REAL strategies and REAL answers. This summit provides that and more. With its top-notch speakers, attendees are going to get all the guidance and support they need. I’m thrilled to be a small part of it.

Leslie Josel  //  Principal of Order Out of Chaos, speaker, coach, and the creator of the award-winning Academic Planner: A Tool for Time Management

Featured Expert Session

We hand-picked world-class ADHD experts who are at the top of their field. They’ve helped countless families coping with ADHD through the middle school years, and have got over 100 decades of experience in the field between them.


Despite their busy schedules, each of these speakers jumped on board for this event and promised to teach their best stuff — because they don’t want you to go through the same mistakes and setbacks they made… and they know that the right strategy or insight, properly applied, can change everything.


All I can say is, you’re in for days of jam-packed value... below is the full speaker schedule and session topics:

ADHD in Middle School Summit - Kick-Off Party

Adrien Harrison | Founder of, an education technology company offering online courses  and coaching for parents of kids who learn differently

ADHD in Middle School Summit Kick-Off Party: How to Thrive Through the Middle School Years, Both At School and At Home

Adrien will introduce the ADHD in Middle School Summit, and run through what you will be learning throughout the summit.

Parenting & Executive Functions

Dr. Peg Dawson | Prolific best-selling author and leading authority in the field of ADHD

The 12 Most-Common Executive Function Deficits & How to Turn Them Into Executive Skills

There’s nothing more frustrating than watching your bright, talented son or daughter struggle with everyday tasks like finishing homework, putting away toys, or following instructions at school.

Your “smart but scattered” child might also have trouble coping with disappointment or managing anger. Nonetheless, there is a lot you can do to help. 


The latest research in child development shows that many kids who have the brain and heart to succeed lack or lag behind in crucial “executive skills”, which are the fundamental habits of mind required for getting organized, staying focused, and controlling impulses and emotions.


In this talk, Peg Dawson will share her knowledge on executive functions and teach you easy-to-follow steps to identify your child’s strengths and weaknesses, use activities and techniques proven to boost specific skills, and problem-solve daily routines. All these small changes can add up to crucial improvements!

Dr. Ross Greene | Author of the well-known books The Explosive Child and Lost at School, and the originator of Collaborative & Proactive Solutions model. Founder of nonprofit organization Lives in the Balance.


Dr. Greene’s presentation will explore current research regarding Collaborative & Proactive Solutions (CPS) model and how it can foster a collaborative partnership between adults and kids and engage kids in solving the problems that affect their lives.

We will discuss and practice ways to solve your child’s problems collaboratively, so they can be fully invested in solving the problems, the solutions are more durable, and over time increase their confidence in learning the skills they were lacking all along.

By the end of it, you will have the resources and tools needed to implement the CPS model for your middle-school-aged child.

Dr. Christopher Willard, Psy.D.  | Psychologist and educational consultant, teaches at Harvard Medical School. He has been practising meditation for 20 years, currently serves on the BOD at the Institute for Meditation and Psychotherapy, and is the president of the Mindfulness in Education Network. Author of Child’s Mind, Growing Up Mindful, Raising Resilience.

Growing Up Mindful: Mindfulness and ADHD

Dr. Willard’s presentation will explore current research regarding how mindfulness builds emotional intelligence; increases attention and focus; minimizes stress, anxiety, and low self-esteem; and boosts happiness. Also, how mindfulness significantly enhances what psychologists call “flourishing”— a state of mind that encourages individuals to embrace life and not avoid it.

We will discuss various mindfulness activities that may suit your teen, based on his or her learning style, interests, and attention span. By the end of it, you will have the resources and tools needed to implement mindfulness activities for your middle-school-aged child.

Elaine Taylor-Klaus, PCC & Diane Dempster, PCC  | Co-founders of one of the most successful blogs on ADHD:, ADHD coaches, and world-renowned speakers

The Top 5 Lessons for Parenting Through the Middle School Years & How to Handle the 4 Transitional "Hot-Spots" Every Parent Goes Through

Elaine Taylor-Klaus and Diane Dempster teach you effective techniques on how to keep your cool (and teach your kids to do the same) during four challenging transitions that parents of kids with ADHD struggle with most: Mornings, homework, bedtime, and technology.


There are various challenges families with children with ADHD face; however, there are four so-called ‘pressure-cooker’ challenges that tend to be the most pressing ones and tend to affect a large majority of these families. These challenges are: mornings, homework, bedtime, and technology.


Although they do not appear to be related, they have a lot more in common than you might think: these challenges are all about managing transitions, which can be difficult for kids with ADHD.


This session will coach you on the key strategies to manage all of these hot-spots when time is short and tempers are ready to spark.

Dr. Sharon Saline | Clinical psychologist and award-winning author specialized in working with kids, young adults, and families living with ADHD, learning disabilities, and mental health issues

The 5 Cs of ADHD Parenting & How to Deal with Anxiety During the Middle School Years


In this presentation, Dr. Saline discusses how listening to and working with the voices of kids diagnosed with ADHD can improve family cooperation and success. 


Based on interviews with dozens of kids and their parents as well as over 25 years of clinical experience, Dr. Saline provides parents, educators, and clinicians with extremely helpful insights into how kids honestly think and feel about having ADHD and how to better assist them.


She has created a unique, strength-based approach called The 5 Cs of ADHD Parenting that helps families improve self-Control, Compassion, Collaboration, Consistency, and Celebration.


Her collaborative approach integrates mindfulness, cognitive therapy, and positive psychology while teaching effective skills to reduce stress in families’ lives.

Jeff Copper | ADHD coach, founder of DIG Coaching Practice, and host of Attention Talk Radio and Attention Talk Video

Is Your Working Memory Working?


This session, “Is Your Working Memory Working?” will be part presentation, part mindfulness exercises, and part workshop. We’ll define working memory and understand it in the context of ADHD and in terms we all can understand.


To begin, we’ll define working memory. Understanding it and gaining awareness of its impact is the first step to managing around it.


Next, ADHD coach Jeff Copper will place participants in various attention exercises, creating an experience that will tax working memory. When attendees witness themselves in the moment, they will be able to clearly observe working memory as a process. Such experiential exercises will bring the insights necessary to approach how to move past the challenges in new ways.


Day-to-day examples will be shared and analyzed to understand how working memory is at the root of a significant portion of most people’s procrastination issues. We'll share observational techniques to help participants recognize things they already do to manage the challenges of working memory. Providing access to a variety of mindsets will help attendees control their working memory challenges more intentionally. Finally, we’ll cover how managing working memory will help to purposely reduce the procrastination of typical tasks.


Participants will leave with an understanding of the role working memory has in procrastination and ultimately why large projects are put to the side so they can end the negative cycle.

ADHD, Accommodations, Homework & Middle School 

Leslie Josel | Principal of Order Out of Chaos, speaker, coach, and the creator of the award-winning Academic Planner: A Tool for Time Management

It's 9:00PM: Don't You Have Homework To Do? | How to Make Homework Fun & Personalized for Your Child


In this session, Leslie will explain her signature process for getting students unstuck and started. She'll share the original strategies she uses with her coaching clients to help them stay on task, on time, and on track.


She will give you creative ideas for planning long-term projects, boredom-busting “games” that strengthen the homework muscle, as well as teach you solutions to help your child learn how to prepare and plan for exams.


Throughout the session, Leslie will share hands-on exercises that will teach you how to create a “Personal Homework Profile™” for your child so they can learn the best practices to manage their time and get their homework done.

Dr. George DuPaul, PhD Professor of school psychology and associate dean for research, College of Education, Lehigh University. He has extensive experience providing clinical services to children with ADHD and their families as well as consulting with a variety of school districts regarding the management of students with ADHD.

Understanding and Promoting the Transition to Middle School for Students with ADHD


Are you equipped to support students with ADHD as they transition to middle school? 


This session will summarize research on primary and secondary outcomes for students with ADHD as well as interventions aimed at supporting students with ADHD's transition to middle school.


Attendees will learn strategies to strengthen middle school programs and services, common documentation requirements in secondary school settings, and tips for helping students with ADHD adjust academically and socially to middle school.


Dr. DuPaul will cover different study skills, what homework looks like from the teacher’s perspective, and organizational skills for your kid's locker, desk, bookbag, and binders.

Dr. Sarah Wheeler, PhD | A special education teacher, counselor, and school psychologist for over a decade. She specializes in helping children who are struggling to learn, socialize, or navigate their emotional world, especially children with learning disabilities, ADHD, and autism.

How to Get an IEP or 504 Plan for Your Child & How Your School Psychologist Can Help

In this interview, we’re speaking with Dr. Sarah Wheeler to give parents a clear understanding of the differences between an IEP and a 504 plan for middle-school-aged students with ADHD and whether your child may need one, as well as the role of a school psychologist during the middle school years.


While there is a lot of information out there about 504 and IEP plans, it can sometimes be confusing and overwhelming for parents to choose the right plan, ask for it and implement it. 


In this interview, Dr. Wheeler will explain in detail what the IEP and 504 plans consist of, highlighting their differences and similarities, and how to assess whether your child needs one or the other, or none. Naturally, she will also instruct us on how to get these plans and how to implement them with the school.


She will also explain what is the essential role of school psychologists in caring for a child with ADHD and how to get access to these professionals.

Romaney Berson | Founder of bFocused Coaching, graduate of the ADD Coach Academy, and an experienced ICF Associate Certified Coach that works primarily with middle and high school students and their families.

It's A Brave New World 2: Digital Education & Why Middle School Really Matters!

Education is digital. For students, this means having to learn a multitude of new skills in addition to the traditional core education we are all used to.

Unfortunately, this move to online presents very real challenges and disadvantages for all students, but particularly those with ADHD and executive function issues. Learning how to navigate this brave new world in middle school is absolutely critical to setting students up for success in high school. 


Based on real-world experience coaching students in middle school, high school, and college, this interview will identify some of the biggest challenges digital education poses, discuss how this dramatically increases the importance of middle school, and provide solutions and actions parents and students can take to help students with ADHD maximize their middle-school years to enable them to hit high school empowered and set up for success.

Andrea Elrom | Director of creADDive Solutions and ADHD and executive function coach with over 15 years of experience working with children and parents.

Managing Homework, Parent Edition: Tips, Tools, and Strategies for Helping Kids©

Parents will walk away with techniques, strategies, tips, and tools to better understand your child with respect to homework and the challenges that arise from homework. The various Executive Functions that come into play, which are motivating, planning, prioritizing, problem-solving and self-monitoring their work will be explored. This workshop aims to reduce the daily stress of homework battles and bring calm and order to both you and your child.

Relationships with Family, Marriage, Siblings, and Your School

Melissa Orlov | Founder of, award-winning author, and leader on how ADHD affects relationships.

‘Just Right’: Creating a Relationship That Meets the Needs of Both ADHD and Non-ADHD Partners


ADHD and non-ADHD people can be quite different—in physiology, how they are in the world, problem-solving, backgrounds, skillsets, and much more. 

Plus, there are ADHD symptoms and non-ADHD reactions to those symptoms. With all these differences it can be hard to feel heard and valued within family relationships.


In this session, Melissa Orlov will provide insights and tools based on over a decade of experience working with families affected by ADHD. These can help you create responsive relationships that accommodate the needs of the parent with ADHD without overlooking those of the non-ADHD family members.


She will focus mostly on marital relationships, while highlighting how these affect the children.


She’ll answer questions such as: How much accommodation of ADHD is too much? How do you get our own opinions heard when you disagree? How can the family cope with the difficult behaviors of the partner with ADHD? and more.

Janette Patterson | Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, 30 years of experience offering individual, couple, and family therapy in nonprofit agencies and private practice. She specializes in learning disabilities, emotional disturbance, and ADHD issues in children and adults. 

Managing Emotional Dysregulation and Impulsivity in Middle Schoolers with ADHD

This presentation will teach parents and caregivers of individuals with ADHD about the underlying dynamics of emotional dysregulation and impulsivity and how it manifests in maladaptive or dysfunctional behaviors.

We will address stuck patterns in dealing with the resulting problematic situations and offer concrete strategies to address these behaviors in the individual.


We will also practice communication and interaction skills to promote healing and improved responses to triggers and situations.


In order to implement these coping methods, we will learn to be mindful and observant of our own thoughts and feelings so that we can respond appropriately.


This session will discuss mindfulness as a personal practice, as well as how to help the individual with ADHD become more mindful.

Jodi Klugman-Rabb | Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist focused on making strong connections with clients and specializes in changing unwanted patterns in adult ADHD, trauma using EMDR, and Parental Identity Discovery

The Highly Sensitive Person: What To Do With Rejection Sensitivity Dysphoria

Rejection sensitivity dysphoria, and the concept of a “highly sensitive person”, are gaining momentum in the field of psychology and that’s owed largely to the impact they have made on the population affected by ADHD.


This presentation examines the influence of rejection in sensitivity dysphoria and in highly sensitive persons with ADHD.


Mood issues like depression and anxiety are exceedingly correlated to the highly sensitive person, therefore, requiring direct clinical treatment.


The goal of this workshop is to help parents and other caregivers recognize mood issues, like depression and anxiety, as well as to teach them about the clinical treatments available and other daily life strategies to help reduce the emotional toll of these issues.

The Tougher Side of ADHD and How to Cope With It

Daniel Kramarsky | Teacher, administrator, and parent with ADHD. With an education career of over 30 years, he has taught teachers at Columbia University Teachers College and presented his work internationally at conferences on ethics and philosophy of education. He and his daughter, now a student at a top-notch university, both have ADHD.

The Top 10 Biggest Fears for Parents of Kids with ADHD and How to Deal With Them

In this presentation, Dan will explain why you don’t need to be afraid-- not afraid that your child will fail, not afraid of ADHD, not afraid of medication, etc. 


Being afraid is bad for you and your child, and Dan will offer some concrete ways to deal with your fears.  Dan will show you why there is no good reason to be afraid of most of these things. If you’re scared of your child’s ADHD, your child will be scared of their own ADHD.  And that’s more difficult to handle than any of these fears by themselves.

Dr. Jerome J. Schultz | Clinical Neuropsychologist at Harvard Medical School with nearly 40 years experience in the field. He was the founding director of the Learning Lab, a diagnostic clinic at Lesley, and served for several years at Cambridge Health Alliance as the Co-Director of the Center for Child and Adolescent Development.

Middle School, ADHD and Stress. What to Know & What to Do.

Dr. Schultz's presentation will explore current research regarding how chronic stress can adversely affect brain functioning, behavior and emotions, and offer practical strategies to help kids become their own advocates and turn stress into the fuel for success.

By the end of this enlightening and entertaining presentation you will have a better understanding about how and why stress plays such a central role in your child’s life in middle school. you’ll also learn some simple and effective ways to help minimize the negative impact of stress and let your child’s strengths shine through.

Dr. Anna Vagin Licensed speech/language pathologist with over 30 years experience, the author of Movie Time Social Learning and YouCue Feelings: Online Video Viewing for Social Learning,and the developer of The Conversation Paths Pack.

Play2Practice: Gaming for Social Learning

Families of students with ADHD are often looking for ways to support their student’s learning at home, and using a range of games can add enjoyment to their efforts.

Dr. Vagin’s interactive presentation will explore how games can be engaging tools to help children with ADHD build their comfort level with uncomfortable feelings, become more resilient, gain perspective-taking ability, understand that feelings can change very quickly, and recognize that it’s okay to make mistakes.

We will discuss strategies that can increase appropriate risk taking and help manage anxiety via role-playing, table-top games and video games. You will leave with lists of recommended games as well as visual supports to use for in-the- moment support of your student.

Cindy Goldrich, EdMFounder of PTS Coaching and Training, mental health counselor and a board-certified ADHD coach. She provides education, coaching, and support for parents, educators, and mental health professionals to help children with ADHD and executive function deficits find success.

How to Parent Especially Difficult, Oppositional, or Defiant Kids with ADHD


If you've been wondering, "What happened to my easy-going kid? Now that they’re in middle school, it seems like things are falling apart." this one is for you!


In this interview, we’re speaking with Cindy Goldrich to give you the foundation you need in order to start understanding how you can establish calm, improve communication, encourage collaboration, use effective consequences, and support your children in making better choices, especially for particularly defiant or difficult middle-school-aged kids with ADHD.

Caroline Maguire, ACCG, PCC, M.Ed. | Personal coach who works with children who struggle socially and the families who support them and the founder of a new training curriculum at the ADD Coaching Academy.

Why Will No One Play With Me? Teaching Parents to Become Their Child’s Social Skills Coach

Why is it hard for so many children with ADHD to make and keep friends? This workshop will introduce participants to the tools they need to become their child’s social skills coach. Caroline Maguire, M.Ed., PCC, will demonstrate the coaching process for participants based on her groundbreaking book Why Will No One Play With Me? so they can apply coaching techniques at home.

Dr. Alan R. Graham, Ph.D., PCC, MCAC | President of, Dean of ADD Coach Training for Mentorcoach. He coaches executives with business and organizational challenges and adults, teens, children, and parents impacted by ADHD. He served on the board of the Professional Association of ADHD Coaches (PAAC) and the Editorial Board of The Journal of Attention Disorders.

How to Build Resilience for Middle Schoolers with ADHD


We commonly think of resilience as the ability to bounce back from adversity and misfortune and that we either have it or we don’t. Children with ADHD experience challenges to their sense of self on almost a daily basis and their ability to bounce back is negatively affected.

Research has shown that resilience can be learned. We all have the ability to build our resilience and we can teach our kids to become more resilient. Our resilience is based on the stories we tell ourselves about the events that occur in our life. We create stories about ourselves, about others and about events that occur in our environment. 


We can help build positive, resilient mindsets in our children. In this presentation, participants will learn the attributes that contribute most to resilience and learn and practice strategies that can be used to build these resilience attributes.

Rick Fiery | Co-founder of InventiveLabs, a research lab and business incubator that helps people with learning differences find their passions and take a gap year, explore careers or create a new business in an all-accepting environment.

College or Career Readiness? Why Your Child with ADHD Should Focus on the Building the Skills That Matter

Rick will encourage parents to stop obsessing about college and start cultivating career readiness in their child with ADHD instead.  He will talk about giving parents the tools they need to best support their child in whichever career they choose. 


Today’s education is centered around college and around getting a degree from a respected institution. However, real life career success is not determined solely by grades and diplomas, but also by passion, by thinking outside the box, and by perseverance. 


Although young people with ADHD tend to struggle in academic environments, there is absolutely no reason why they should not be able to have a stellar career in whatever they choose.


In this interview, Rick Fiery is going to talk to us about the importance of changing our mindset from college readiness to career success when raising a child with ADHD. He is also going to teach us the necessary skills to help guide, encourage and support children with ADHD in achieving a successful career.

Medications, Alternative Treatments, and the ADHD Brain

Dr. Edward (Ned) Hallowell, MD | a child and adult psychiatrist, is a New York Times bestselling author, world-renowned speaker and leading authority in the field of ADHD.

VAST: A New Positive Outlook on ADHD & How It Will Help Your Child with ADHD

Dr. Hallowell introduces you to the world of VAST (SM) - Variable Attention Stimulus Trait. VAST is his new name for an expanded version of ADHD and the title of his next book that he wrote with his partner, John Ratey, coming out in 2020 or 2021. 

VAST is for people who may not fit the exact diagnostic criteria for ADHD, but still can benefit from an understanding of what it is and from the various means of dealing with it that we've developed over the past several decades.


Because Dr. Hallowell sees ADHD not as a disorder but as a trait, he feels it is important to describe it in language that does not pathologize the condition.

While ADHD can certainly be incredibly challenging, if it is taken care of properly it can turn a person's life into a life of greatness, a life of joy and a major contribution to the world.


In this talk, Dr. Hallowell will explain what VAST consists of, and how we can reframe the challenges of ADHD to change our perception of it for a more positive one.

Dr. William (Bill) Dodson, MD | currently a consultant, speaker, and writer on adult ADHD medicine. He has written more than 100 articles and 10 Webinars for ADDitude, CHADD, and the NADDA over the years and is on ADDitude’s Board of Scientific Advisers and is a Board-Certified Adult Psychiatrist.

ADHD and Medications: How to decide whether to medicate and How to do it best.

If the decision to try ADHD medication was based on science and upon years of experience with these medications, the decision would be easy. But it is not. For most, the focus is on the fear and worry associated with medications and not with either the positives to be gained from medication or the considerable risks associated with untreated ADHD.

Dr. Roberto Olivardia Clinical Psychologist and Lecturer in Psychology at Harvard Medical School, speacializes in the treatment of ADHD, OCD, and BDD. An internationally recognized expert in eating disorders and body image problems in boys and men.

Identifying, Understanding, and Supporting Middle Schoolers with ADHD and Depression

Thirty percent of individuals with ADHD have had a depressive episode, and if you have ADHD, your risk of developing depression is four times greater than it is for those without the disorder.

Dr. Olivardia’s presentation will explore what struggles and the risk factors that young people with ADHD have that can lead to depression, what are the signs and symptoms so that parents or caregivers can recognize early and act on it.

We will discuss treatment interventions for ADHD and Depression and also practice some of the evidence-based depression management strategies. By the end of it, you will have the resources and tools needed to address the risk factors of depression for your middle-school-aged child.

Dr. Concetta M. DeCaria, PhD | Clinical neuropsychologist with a specialization in children and adolescents and has been in private practice since 1997. She has provided academic and cognitive remediation, psychotherapeutic support, and evaluation services to hundreds of individuals with difficulties in learning, attention and regulation, behavior, social, and emotional functioning. Her current practice focuses on diagnostic consultations and neuropsychological, psychoeducational, and psychological evaluation services.

Getting an ADHD Diagnosis: Why Your Child Needs One & How to Get It


In order to receive a diagnosis of ADHD, parents will have to consult a qualified mental health professional. This could be an external evaluator, pediatrician, school psychologist, social worker, or any other large group of professionals qualified to make the diagnosis.

As an experienced evaluator who has worked with hundreds of families, Dr. DeCaria will be your guide as to what is an external evaluation, what best practices are for evaluating middle-school-age children for ADHD and other accompanying disorders, and what you can do about the results.


By the end of it, you will have the information, resources, and tools necessary to determine if getting an external evaluation is worth it for you and your child.

Dr. Sarah Cheyette, MD | Graduated cum laude from Princeton University in Cognitive Neuroscience, and then from UCLA Medical School. She then did a fellowship in pediatric neurology and has been in private practice since then. She treats kids and young adults with ADHD, not just with medication but also with non-medication strategies such as those she outlined in her book, ADHD and the Focused Mind.

How to Give Your Kids a Positive Perception of Their ADHD and Have Them Want to Help Themselves

In this interview, we’re speaking with Dr. Sarah Cheyette to give parents the tools to help their child with ADHD change and their mindset so that they are compelled to take action on winning, so that they can see a way of improving and want to do so, and so they can keep going even when things get tough. 

Dr. Sarah Levin Allen, PhD | Certified brain injury specialist, the executive director of neuropsychology at Brain Behavior Bridge, and an adjunct faculty member at Drexel University. She is also a consulting Neuropsychologist for Weisman Children's Hospital and consults for districts all over the state of New Jersey regarding brain-based program designs for public and private schools. Dr. Allen conducts research, teaching, and clinical neuropsychological assessments with a focus on neuro-educational programming for children in schools.

Your Child's ADHD Brain: How it Works, What it Means for School Accommodations & Making Your Child More Independent

In this interview, we’re speaking with Dr. Sarah Allen to show parents how to:

- understand your child’s ADHD brain better

- identify the primary issue your child is having based on their unique ADHD profile

- identify the correct strategy to use to address that primary problem

- figure out the different ways you can implement that strategy

- and lastly, how to help your child be more and more independent in the process


Middle school children with ADHD are complex. While we know their brains work differently when they learn, we want to think about kids as more than just how they perform in school. Children learn and develop across multiple domains including how their bodies feel, how they think, how they behave, and how they’re feeling.


Dr. Allen will discuss how parents, teachers, and other caregivers can use an understanding of the brain to assess and implement interventions that match each individual child. First, we will talk about “brain buckets”, a concept Sarah developed to explain the different types of ADHD brains, and how they must be balanced to promote healthy, happy, and successful children. 


We’ll also talk about important brain patterns and how to connect that to interventions that will work for your child. Finally, we’ll talk about how to ensure that your child can independently use strategies and perform better in school and at home.


By the end, you will have a take-home guide to help your child build independence.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Dr. J. Russell (“Russ”) Ramsay co-founder and co-director of the University of Pennsylvania’s Adult ADHD Treatment and Research Program and an associate professor of clinical psychology in the department of psychiatry in the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. He also has authored many publications.

A cognitive behavioral informed approach to help middle schoolers with ADHD

One of the frustrating aspects of being a parent of a middle schooler with ADHD is the helpless feeling of being less able to step in and actually do things to help their child manage the many demands of life at this age. Tasks such as school, chores, family and social life and others increasingly (but not totally) fall on the shoulders of the students. 

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ADHD in Middle School Strategies

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Hi, I’m Adrien.

I'm a serial entrepreneur specialised in education technology and I've had my own rocky road with education. So now, I'm bringing the best of the best together to make sure all kids get access to equal opportunity, a solid education, and a chance to thrive.

I’ve been featured in Forbes, Shapr's Connectors Club, and RTVI, and I've spoken at WeWork, Freelancers Union, and many more.

My mission is to empower parents, teachers, and other caregivers of kids with ADHD, to help students with ADHD thrive through the middle school years, both in school and at home.

If you are ready to learn from the top ADHD experts in the world, I’m here to show you the way.

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